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Live Well! Health Education Kit

Americans today are overweight and undernourished, missing out on important nutrients because they are not choosing nutrient-rich foods first.  In order to improve public health, we need to do more than simply count calories - we need to make calories count more. 

Choosing nutrient-rich foods helps people get more nutrients from their calories, resulting in better nutrient intake and fewer calories consumed.  And, by taking a positive approach that focuses on the total nutritional quality of foods without over-consuming calories, Americans can achieve better health.

The Live Well! Health Education Kit details the Nutrient Rich Foods (NRF) approach, a positive, total diet approach that considers the complete nutrient package of foods and beverages as a way to help people build healthier diets, and offers materials to help patients and clients choose nutrient-rich foods first to get more nutrition from their calories.

Read more information about the NRF approach and find educational tools from the NRF Coalition to use in speaking with patients, clients and peers about ways to build healthier diets by choosing nutrient-rich foods first from the five basic food groups.

Leader Guide

Live Well! Leader Guide

Tip Sheet

15 Reproducible Educational Tip Sheets
NEW! Lactose Intolerance Health Education Kit:
A compilation of science and resources designed to clarify misperceptions about lactose intolerance and provide effective management strategies.

Nutrient-Rich Recipes

Visit the Nutrient Rich Foods Coalition’s recipe library for ideas on how patients and clients can get more nutrition for their calories by incorporating nutrient-rich foods into meals and snacks.