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WIC Health Education Kit

Here you’ll find research, handouts, and other materials, in English and Spanish, about dairy’s role in The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program. The educational handouts are perfect for use in local WIC offices.

Additional Resources

AAP News, June 2007: Clearing Up Confusion on the Role of Dairy in Children's Diets


Oats & Dairy: A Powerful Combination for Families
Oats & Dairy: A Powerful Combination (Health Professionals)
Healthier Eating: Getting Where You Need to Be (English)
33 Tasty Snack Ideas
Power of 3 Planner
Kids Need Calcium
Low-Fat Milk Education Handout
Handout: Milk Critical for Childrens Growth and Development
Milk's Unique Nutrient Package
Handout: Which Milk is Healthiest?
Lactose Intolerance and Your Child
Lactose Intolerance Brochure
Handout: Important for Parents and Kids
Guide to Good Eating

Handouts and Tip Sheets - Spanish

Healthier Eating: Getting Where You Need to Be
Low-Fat Milk Education Handout
Hispanics and Health
Lactose Intolerance Brochure
Guide to Good Eating

Nutritious Recipes

Oats & Dairy: Recipes


Webinars, Presentations and Videos

Child Nutrition Health Education Kit

A "one-stop shop" for the latest science-based information on the role of nutrient-rich dairy foods in improving child nutrition.

Local Spokespeople

Need dairy information with a local angle? Your state or regional dairy council can provide dairy nutrition science perspective and resources, information on local events, and media interviews.