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Nutrient Rich Foods Coalition

The Nutrient Rich Foods (NRF) Coalition is a partnership that brings together leading scientific researchers, health professionals, communications experts and agricultural commodity organizations that represent the five basic food groups.  It is dedicated to helping educate people on how to get more nutrients from their diets by choosing nutrient-rich foods first.

In 2005, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) recommended consumption of nutrient dense foods as the basis of a healthful diet and also called for the development of a scientifically valid definition of nutrient density that could be put into consumer use.  This recommendation served as the impetus for the work of the NRF Coalition to create a scientifically valid definition of nutrient density, now known as the NRF Index.

Through research, education and communications efforts, the NRF Coalition encourages people to consider the complete nutrient package of foods and beverages as a way to build healthier diets.  Since 2004, more than 20 articles have been published in scientific journals that support the NRF approach (a positive, total diet approach that considers the complete nutrient package of foods and beverages as a way to help people build healthier diets), the NRF Index, and/or the broader concept of nutrient density.  The NRF Coalition also maintains ongoing dialogues with members of the scientific and nutrition communities through scientific symposia, webinars, educational briefings and mailings to provide updates on new educational tools and consumer research study results.

Additionally, the NRF Coalition develops educational tools for health professionals to use in speaking with patients, clients and peers about ways to build healthier diets by choosing nutrient-rich foods first from the five basic food groups, and put the NRF Index into practical use.  Available materials include the Achieve Better Health with Nutrient Rich Foods Resource Guide, a food groups weekly tracker, nutrient-rich shopping list, downloadable nutrition-educator toolkit, and nutrient-rich recipes and meal ideas.  The materials can be found in the “For Health Professionals” section of the NRF Web site.

Visit the NRF Coalition’s Web site to learn more about the Coalition, the NRF approach and Index, and to access resources to help educate patients and clients on the importance of choosing nutrient-rich foods first.


Nutrient-Rich Recipes

Visit the Nutrient Rich Foods Coalition’s recipe library for ideas on how patients and clients can get more nutrition for their calories by incorporating nutrient-rich foods into meals and snacks.

Dietary Guidance

The 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans encourages people 9 years of age or older to enjoy three servings of low-fat or fat-free milk or milk products each day.