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Dairy’s Unique Nutrient Combination

Searching for more nutrients? Look no further than low-fat and fat-free milk, cheese, and yogurt. Together, they pack a powerful nutritional punch: calcium, potassium, phosphorus, protein, vitamins A, D and B12, riboflavin, and niacin (niacin equivalents).

See below for research, fact sheets, and other resources about milk, cheese, yogurt, and the unique combination of nine essential nutrients that sets them apart.

Dairy Foods and their Nutrients


Nutrient-Rich Foods Advertorial

Emerging Research in Dairy Nutrition and Health

Supporting Document: Changes in Diet and Lifestyle and Long-Term Weight Gain in Women and Men
Supporting Document: Trans-Palmitoleic Acid, Metabolic Risk Factors, and New-Onset Diabetes in U.S. Adults
Supporting Document: The Relationship Between High-Fat Dairy Consumption and Obesity, Cardiovascular, and Metabolic Disease
Supporting Document: Influence of Dairy Product and Milk Fat Consumption on Cardiovascular Disease Risk: A Review of the Evidence
Supporting Document: The Role of Reducing Intakes of Saturated Fat in the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease: Where Does the Evidence Stand in 2010?
Presentation: Emerging Research in Dairy Nutrition and Health

Fact Sheets

What's in Your Glass? Milk Comparison Fact Sheet
Improve Diet Quality with Dairy
Fact Sheet: Top Three Reasons Lactose-Free Milk is Important to Child Nutrition Programs
Low-fat Milk Education Handout 
Low-fat Milk Education Handout (Spanish)
Milk's Unique Nutrient Combination
Potassium Recommendations
Calcium Recommendations


Low-fat Milk Education Handout (Spanish)
Low-fat Milk Education Handout (English)
Milk Quality Check List

Supporting Science

The Importance of Nutrient-Rich Foods in Planning Nutritious Meals for Children (PDF)

Dairy Innovations In Health & Wellness

The dairy industry is committed to helping meet the health priorities and dietary needs of Americans through innovations in nutrient-rich dairy foods—at home, on the go and in schools.  


Dairy’s Health Benefits

Getting three servings of low-fat or fat-free, nutrient-rich dairy foods every day plays a crucial role in helping to promote bone health, healthy blood pressure and a healthy weight.

Dairy Farming Today

Visit to learn how modern farm families care for their animals and protect the land while growing healthy farming businesses for future generations.