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Dairy Council Digest: Health Benefits of Smart Snacking

Check out the latest edition of the Dairy Council Digest, which examines healthy versus unhealthy snacking behaviors. Did you know healthy snacking can help increase the likelihood of meeting daily servings of food groups such as those recommended by the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans? Read More

Dairy Council Digest Looks At Dairy In The American Diet.
This edition of the Dairy Council Digest looks at the dairy food group as a substantial contributor of many nutrients in the U.S. diet that are important for good health.Read More

Dairy Council Digest Examines Flavored Milk
This edition of the Dairy Council Digest looks at the nutritional contribution of flavored milk and why it’s a great addition to children’s diets. Read More

New Cheese Education Resources
Don’t miss your chance to get the latest, science-based facts on cheese and healthy eating. Check out this resource just for health and nutrition professionals as well as this primer for use with general audiences. Read More