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NCAA Deregulation of Feeding Webinar
NCAA Deregulation of Feeding Webinar
Exploring Acres + Avenues
Exploring Acres + Avenues
A Fresh Look at Milk
A Fresh Look at Milk
NDC’s New Lactose Intolerance Microsite
NDC’s New Lactose Intolerance Microsite

  • ​​​Video: Lactose Intolerance Myths and Misconceptions​​​​​​​​​
    ​​Being lactose intolerant doesn't mean you have to give up on your favorite dairy products. Watch as National Dairy Council takes to the streets to address many of the common myths associated with lactose intolerance, including how to be diagnosed and tips on how to still include nutritional dairy foods in your diet.
  • Healthy Aging with Protein: A “Whey” to Help Maintain Muscle
    Check out these new infographics on whey protein and muscle mass and tips on how to incorporate it into your meal plan. For additional information on optimal protein consumption read this Summary of SCAN’s 2015 Advanced Practice Protein Summit.
  • Explore Acres + Avenues
    What do young urbanites and rural dairy farmers have in common? Check out this video series to find out.
  • Why Milk Deserves a Fresh Look
    The New York Times launched a new content series to bring to life the journey of milk from farm to table. Learn about how milk travels from the local farm and why it matters here.
  • Learn 'The Udder Truth'
    Unsure of what’s fact vs. fiction when it comes to dairy? presents a behind-the-scenes look at what really happens on America’s dairy farms.
Dairy Good
The Dairy Report Blog

Retrieving Data
Cheese Education Resources
Don’t miss your chance to get the latest, science-based facts on cheese and healthy eating. Check out this resource just for health and nutrition professionals as well as this primer for use with general audiences. Read More  
Protein Education Resources
From helping build muscle with exercise to providing easy and tasty options at meals, high-quality protein foods, such as dairy foods, can help Americans meet their health and wellness goals. Click here for access to new protein education resources to help increase awareness of dairy’s high-quality protein.
Learning Connection Health Education Kit
Click here for the latest science-based information on the role of nutrient-rich dairy foods in improving child nutrition.