Dairy Council of California

1101 National Drive, Suite B
Sacramento, California 95834


Ashley Rosales, R.D.

Dairy Council of California

Ashley Rosales is a Registered Dietitian and Project Manager for the Dairy Council of California, a nutrition education organization funded by California’s dairy producers and processors. She is currently responsible for distributing highly effective nutrition programs and resources to adults throughout the state. Before coming to Dairy Council, Ashley worked as a Clinical Dietitian at Napa State Hospital and as the Nutrition Services Manager for the Davis Elderly Nutrition Program. Ashley has a degree in Clinical Nutrition from UC Davis and completed her graduate dietetic program at Napa State Hospital. She lives in Sacramento and enjoys spending time with her husband and infant son.

Andrea Garen, R.D.

Dairy Council of California

Andrea Garen is a registered dietitian and project manager for Dairy Council of California. Garen manages Meals Matter, a non-commercial nutrition and meal-planning website provided by the Dairy Council of California. She speaks widely on consumer health and nutrition issues for radio, television, print and online outlets. With a Master's degree in dietetics from San Francisco State University, Garen has been a guest lecturer at University of California, Berkeley, University of California, San Francisco, San Francisco State University and California State University, Hayward.