My Tasty Refueling Ritual

November 17, 2016

In professional sports, crazy routines and superstitions are often a big part of the game. Jordan had his magic UNC shorts. Serena has to bounce the ball five times before she serves. Some pitchers won’t shave their beards, or mustaches, during the playoffs. 

Truth is, when you keep doing something the same way over and over, and you keep winning—it’s understandable that this thing might become more than a habit. It can become a tradition.

My routine’s a little more conventional than some of those listed above. I’m sure you’ve heard about my thing for chocolate milk. And by “thing,” I mean my over-the-top love. If you don’t see me with chocolate milk in my hand after a workout or game, you’re probably looking at the wrong person.

In my perfect world, we all clink our cold glasses of chocolate milk to celebrate victory. Sure, it’s delicious, which is why I enjoyed it so much as a kid. I wanted it in my lunches or as an after-school snack, having no idea that it contained vitamins and nutrients that helped me grow. I appreciate it even more as an adult, because the same vitamins and nutrients that benefitted me as a child, now help to replenish my body post-workout.

As chocolate milk’s biggest fan, it might not surprise you that I like other forms of dairy, too. I’m a cheese girl. A yogurt girl. And because I’m all about balance, I love how easy it is to pair dairy with other nutritious foods. String cheese and fruit. Almonds and yogurt. Chocolate milk and … anything. Pairing dairy with other foods like whole grains, fruits and vegetables allows me to eat a balanced diet that helps me perform professionally, and also allows me to be pretty creative with my meals.

So, yeah, my love for dairy—specifically, chocolate milk—runs deep. It helps me recover. It helps me refuel. And best of all, it tastes really, really good.


This post was created in partnership with Skylar Diggins and Dairy Good. Skylar Diggins has been compensated for her involvement.


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